* Don't eat white or multi grain bread, rolls or wraps. White flour and water make glue in your gut and that is hard to poo out!! Go whole grain with lots of fibre!


* Eating enough protein for your height, weight, age, sex and activity level is essential for fat loss, appetite control and mental wellbeing. Find out how much you should be eating with each meal for health and weight success. 


* The best exercise plan in the world can not over ride incomplete nutrition. Apply the 80% food and 20% exercise rule and watch your body transform.

Balance It
Balance It

Live It
Live It

Blast It
Blast It

Balance It
Balance It

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Your presentation was mind cracking, energetic, incredibly informative, totally engaging, motivational and hilarious as you took us on a colourful journey about 

the food stuffs we consume and the body parts that have to deal with it. You made everyone feel totally relaxed and your message was a huge wakeup call that everyone out there needs to hear".                                                                                                 Read more 

Gerald Ashcroft


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