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The what, why, how and when of health and weight success 

Gerald Ashcroft: Cameraman/Director 

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"Your presentation was mind cracking, energetic, incredibly informative, totally engaging, motivational and hilarious as you took us on a colourful journey about the foodstuffs we consume and the body parts that have to deal with it. You made everyone feel totally relaxed and your message was a huge wakeup call that everyone out there needs to hear".

Info - healthtainment at its best!

A customized experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention to your health, performance or lifestyle goals.

If it’s not fun it’s boring!

If it’s not interesting nothing changes!
Fun and Interesting = Excited Action = Better Health Results!

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To get the best out of your greatest asset your team deserves a good shot of RedHOT Health. You can take the productivity, positivity and prosperity of your organization or business to a brand new level with powerful nutrition. Discover the benefits of implementing a corporate employee wellness program. Reduce healthcare costs, increase morale and create a more energetic, productive and successful workforce.


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You can take your school on an amazing journey of food, body and health discovery. Helen will help to revolutionize kids view of what they eat and why in a very graphic, interactive, dynamic and easy to understand way. All children deserve the gift of RedHOT Health. Through humour the learning experience is fun, exciting, memorable and attitude changing.


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Whether you are a recreational exerciser, a competitive sports person or an elite athlete you deserve to perform to your best.

The power of balanced whole food nutrition is the fuel that will drive your to health, weight and performance to a new level.

You just need to know the What, Why, How and When to bring out the champion and superstar in you.


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Having a HOTBody which you feel proud of is only a few simple steps away. There is no dieting here, just common sense and an easy lifestyle plan. When you understand how to eat the right things, in the right amount, at the right time of the day you stop cravings for the sugar, fat and alcohol in their tracks. 

We look forward to showing you how to lose fat and shape up to look and feel the best you can be.


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Mental Health

Your mental health and thoughts underpin everything you do in life so having the brain power to stay positive and feel RedHOT is critical. If you believe you can or you can’t you are absolutely right. By fine-tuning your nutrition and knowing how to feed and balance your brain you can help to lift the fuzzy cloud, relieve anxiety, overcome depression and feel the positivity to get the best out of your life.


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NutritiOn COnsulAtiOn

Taking the time to look at how you nourish your brain and body will help you see that with a few easy changes to the way you plan the day you can look, feel and perform much better. You will have your own personalized plan from breakfast through to dinner so cravings are a thing of the past, your energy never lets you down, you sleep like a baby and you return to your ideal weight.



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Inviting you to learn about the easy steps to achieve the HOTBody you are designed to be

Warrick: Human Resources Manager, ANZ

"Firstly, I want to thank you for your presentation.  I got an enormous amount of benefit out of it. As a qualified personal trainer (not my day job) I like to think that I know and do the right things, but last week was a real wake up call to action.  As a result of your presentation, I have not touched processed food since and my wife, our unborn child and I are now in the process of moving to organic foods".


Health Facts


Negatives1 in 2 are affected by cancer, over 60% are overweight or obese, diabetes, depression, autoimmune and heart disease are growing exponentially and children are at risk of not outliving their parents.


Positives: Diet and lifestyle through powerful nutrition, whole food supplement support, an active lifestyle and a positive attitude are the foundation to HOTBody health.

Some of our past and present clients

  • WAPPA Conference (Primary Principals Assoc)

  • The Defense Department

  • DOPP

  • ATO

  • The Police Force

  • Insurance Commission

  • SGIO

  • Hewlett Packard

  • Sky West Airlines

  • Western Power

  • Water Corporation

  • FMG Mining

  • Clough

  • Agility Logistics

  • Minara Resources

  • Alcoa

  • Custodian Wealth Builders

  • TAFE

  • Dental Therapy Assoc

  • Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine


  • Optometrist Association Conference

  • Practice Nurses Assoc

  • Mental Health Nurses and Practitioners

  • Prouds Jewelers

  • Conoco Phillips

  • Bunbury Sport Complex

  • McKinley Plowman and Associates

  • Reallogic Business Network 

  • Brookleigh Day and Health Spa

  • Rotary

  • Repco Conference

  • Rural Women’s Net Work

  • Australian Literacy Educators Assoc

  • Weight Watches Federation


  • Grow WA

  • BPW

  • Technet Conference

  • Bridgetown Family and Community Centre

  • Master Builders Association Women in Business

  • Western Australian Uniform Assoc Conference

  • The View Group

  • South African Cricket Team

  • Bikram Yoga Centre

  • Curves Fitness Centres

  • Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs

  • Contours

  • Fitness First

  • Zest

  • ACE Cricket Coaching

  • Conscious Living Expo

  • ABC

  • 6PR

  • KJV Henderson

  • Real Estate Institute of WA

  • Dental Hygienist Association

  • You can add your name to this list

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