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Helping To Improve Positivity, Productivity and Prosperity

How to reduce absenteeism, presenteeism and healthcare costs

by creating a more energetic, educated, motivated and healthy workforce

Health and Lifestyle Strategies

to Inspire your Team and

Improve your "Bottom Line"

For every dollar spent on employee health and lifestyle education, lives can be improved, and millions saved.  


Discover the benefits of implementing the HOTWork Force Programs to your team. 


 Peter Brown 

Repco Business Development Manager

"Thank you for your incredible presentation at our conference. As I travel around the State talking to members they still can't stop talking about it and “The poo lady”. You certainly left a lasting and healthy impression.

Excellent work".

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Our Mission


To provide a fun, graphic, stimulating and entertaining learning environment, which inspires positive action, with the resulting improvement of mental and physical health in your workplace.


“Be prepared to love getting healthy and watch positivity, productivity and profitability move into a new gear”. 

“The greatest wealth is health.”  

Together we’ll examine the work place problems caused by food and lifestyle choices and explore the easy solutions.


The HOTWork Force programs are guaranteed to leave you and your greatest assets thinking, eating, looking, feeling and happily contributing to your business success at a higher level. 

You and your team are invited to learn about the easy steps to HOTWork Force Health
The "Bottom Line" Reality

While our economy is being challenged and pressure is high, we work more and become pressed for time as a result. This leads to eating less-than-healthy convenience meals loaded with fat, salt and sugar, low energy, irregular exercise, less time with our families, increased stress, lack of sleep, mental and physical health issues and other signs of a fast-paced life that's out of balance.


  • 80% of workers operate at only 30% of their capacity due to poor lifestyle habits

  • 1000′s of workers call in sick on any given day with 1000′s of work days are lost each year. The resulting loss of productivity through absenteeism has a dramatic effect on profitability

  • Presenteeism (presenting at work on medications or unwell) is now a four times greater problem than absenteeism. You are paying big time for low productivity.

Investing in health education results in healthy employees who are happier and more productive.

The Health FACTS That IMPACT
  • 1 person in every 10 minutes dies of a heart attack

  • Women today have 250% greater chance of getting breast cancer than 50 years ago

  • Prostate cancer has increased by 126%

  • 1 in 2 people now gets cancer

  • Over 60% of people are overweight or obese

  • Diabetes has increased 10 fold

  • A fatal heart attack suffered by a top executive can cost a firm $500,000 to $1000,000 in lost business, lost contracts, lost experience, higher insurance costs, recruitment and training costs

  • Nearly every second script is an antidepressant 

We can show you and your employees how to take greater care of yourselves to help prevent and overcome these health challenges.

Learn how to Fuel Up for RedHOT Productivity, Positivity and Prosperity  
The What, Why, When and How


Hilary Perdue 

Network Administrator: 

Real Estate Institute of Western Australia

"Helen Frost’s colourful presentation on good health, good eating, and good body functions aren’t just informative, they’re good fun!

Tackling a delicate topic with simple facts, helpful suggestions, and good humour, Helen manages to engage the audience in a way where most people will leave her presentation having made a mental note to actually try and make a difference to their diet for the sake of their bowel and health.

Helen has a way to completely disarm and charm her audience and then equip them with the knowledge and confidence they need to change their lives for the better".  

Learn  -  Laugh  
Eat Right - Work Well  
Achieve More 

We provide common sense food, energy and lifestyle tips to suit everyone at every age.

The intention is to give you and your team a greater understanding of your body and food and how they work together for healthy success. The focus is on “fine-tuning” current eating habits, by showing you how to use the renowned, simple and effective RedHOT strategies of eating the right food, in the right amount, at the right time of the day to support your work and lifestyle needs.

Expected Outcomes

  • The energy to perform better from the boardroom to the bedroom

  • Less sick and stress leave days

  • Clear the fuzzy head to work mentally smarter and sharper

  • Lose fat comfortably without "dieting"

  • Lift anxiety and adrenal stress 

  • Improve moods and depression

  • Cut cravings for sugar, fat and alcohol

  • Support the brain and get better sleep without pills

  • Manage diabetes, reduce aches and pains, headaches and other diseases and health challenges in a nourishing positive way

  • Be heart smart and lower cholesterol

  • Boost immunity with fewer colds, flues, and sickness

  • Know the top 10  foods that sabotage your weight loss efforts

  • Know how to read labels and understand the side effects of additives

  • Improve training and exercise. Get lean, build muscle and recover faster

  • Improved digestion and a regular poo

  • and much, much more..

Some of our Past and Present Clients

WAPPA Conference (WA Primary Principals Assoc)

The Defense Department



The Police Force

Insurance Commission


Hewlett Packard

Sky West Airlines

Western Power

Water Corporation

FMG Mining


Agility Logistics

Minara Resources


Custodian Wealth Builders


Dental Therapy Assoc

Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine


Optometrist Association Conference

Practice Nurses Assoc

Mental Health Nurses and Practitioners

Prouds Jewelers

Conoco Phillips

Bunbury Sport Complex

McKinley Plowman and Associates 

Real Logic

Brookleigh Day and Health Spa


Repco Conference

Rural Women’s Net Work

Australian Literacy Educators Assoc

Weight Watches Federation


Grow WA


Technet Conference

Bridgetown Family and Community Centre

Master Builders Association Women in Business

Western Australian Uniform Assoc Conference

The View Group

South African Cricket Team

Bikram Yoga Centre

Curves Fitness Centres

Fernwood Women’s Health Clubs


Fitness First


ACE Cricket Coaching

Conscious Living Expo



KJV Henderson

Real Estate Institute of WA

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We look forward to combining our resources to help inspire Your Team to RedHOT Work Success


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