A Fresh Approach to Your HotBody

"You are what you eat"

"I would love to inspire you to love getting healthy and help you to achieve your health and weight loss dreams with the power of nutrition." Helen Frost

Your RedHOTBody is waiting

Take a Moment and Ask Yourself?

- Have I tried lots of diets, pills and potions and spent a lot of money trying to get my health, and weight loss on track?

- Have I ever been frustrated, felt like a failure or confused?

- Has stress, busyness, on the run food, too much caffeine and alcohol plus inactivity taken its toll?

- Has my energy, moods, cravings, mental health, motivation, fitness, health, sleep, digestion and weight been affected?

- Do I want to lose stubborn fat, look better in clothes, feel better, boost my self confidence and self esteem, crush cravings, sleep well, balance my hormones, know how to reduce depression, improve my immune system and digestion, feel mentally stronger and have vibrant energy and health?

Am I ready to make some easy changes? 

If you answered

We can help

There is NO dieting here! Just common sense and you being prepared to make some changes based on sensible lifestyle and food choices and whole food supplement support to bridge the nutrition gap. Most diets don't work in the long term due to lack of nutrition quality and not eating enough of the right foods at right times of the day.


Sticking to any eating plan is never easy without balanced nutrition. If you have ever had cravings when you were dieting the diet was not balanced for you. 

With the abundance of weight loss myths and "quick fix's" circulating, it’s difficult to distinguish between effective weight loss strategies and misleading programs and tactics that are not only ineffective but are often dangerous and lead to rebound weight gain, dependency, guilt, failure and compromised physical and mental health.  


It's time to take the frustration and struggle out of looking and feeling HOT without ever dieting again. These are your options.

Learn how to achieve your HOTBody

The What, Why, When and How

Option 3

Book a presentation tailored to suit your friends, family, business, group or organisation​

The HOTBody program incorporates 12 main elements:

  1. Food quality, quantity and timing

  2. Protein stabilisation

  3. Nutrition density

  4. Fat loss and muscle gain

  5. Craving control

  6. Sound sleep 

  7. Cellular cleansing

  8. Hormonal balancing

  9. Digestive regularity

  10. Youthful ageing

  11. Immune strength

  12. Mental wellbeing

You'll be amazed at what can happens in 30 days

and how different you will look and feel in 90 days


"I am 100% pleased.  What I found particularly useful was the explanation behind when, why and what we should eat. It was information I already knew but your way of explaining it made it hit home for me.


I know what foods make me feel good and feel bad. However, I was still making bad choices, and I ate dead food with no consideration of the consequences. There seemed to be a disconnect with my brain and body…. My brain knows it's all bad but my body goes for it. However, your graphic explanation of food entering your mouth and then what happens from there was ideal.


You have managed to take me to the next level, where I am now putting my knowledge into practice rather than just storing it on the shelf at the back of my mind.

In a nutshell, your consultation was simple but very effective.  I dragged my boyfriend along and he was pleased he went. He too is making the right choices and taking more care. It's great!  Men don't seem to have the same concern for what they consume".

Philip Kilgallon

"All I can say is WOW!!!! Thank you for being so sensibly normal about diet/lifestyle.

I am 49 years old 6ft tall with high blood pressure. I have a very physical job and am very active. I was one of those people who could eat almost anything and not gain weight, but that has changed in the last 8 or so years. So I was watching what I ate but my weight was slowly going up not drastically but it was bothering me and I was losing my strength. I was looking around at other 40 something guys with massive bellies and thinking I don't want to look like that.


I came home and my wife and I went through the pantry and threw stuff in the bin. We made the changes. I have lost 9kg I have more energy, am stronger and I feel fantastic. Thank you, keep up the great work".



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"You can reverse years of damage to your face and body by choosing to raise your standards, then living with ease and renewed confidence. Old wounds heal, your body reshapes, skin renews, and your whole system improves with just a few changes in what you put in and onto your body and how you move it.

Your HotBody is Waiting".