I am a proud mother, the Health Director of RedHOT Health (Dip Teaching and Nutrition), Nutrition Educator, Health Speaker and the author of HOTBody Health.


My favourite thing is having fun and sharing the RedHOT food, body and health story with as many people as possible and guiding you to be the HOTTEST version of YOU without "dieting". 


Self-confidence, self-love, self-esteem, self-respect, and self-health are essential to your overall physical and emotional well-being.


You are not just the food you eat or the exercise you do or the thoughts you think.

You are a whole body and you deserve
to look and feel your best at every age 

Where I've been


 I have accumulated over 30 years experience in education, health, nutrition, weight, fitness, personal growth and business, specialising in weight loss, nutritional balancing and eating disorders. Having studied nutrition to address my own health, weight and dieting issues I now love travelling to every corner of the globe to share the story of RedHOT Health.


I take pride in
“Walking the Talk” 

My Mission


To provide a fresh approach and inspirational learning experience, tailored to perfection with personal attention to your health, performance and lifestyle goals. 


If you have a health, weight, energy, sleep, mental health, craving or performance challenge I can help. You can learn how to eat, drink, think, look, feel and perform to your best. 


I can help take the confusion and frustration out of achieving your REAL potential with common sense, fine tuning and a HOTBody plan that works.

My team and me are dedicated to helping to take the 1 in 2 with cancer to Qne In a Million with common sense, inspirational knowledge and the power of nutrition.


We can do it! 


"Thanks for caring about our health! You said it is your life’s purpose to spread this message and I for one applaud and appreciate that! Your no-nonsense approach (of course, combined with humour) is a breath of fresh air- you’ve given me a kick which I sorely needed. You’re an inspiration". 


Mary xx



"I just wanted to let you know that one of my new patients went to your talk and it changed her life, she has changed her eating habits radically, is no longer having bowel issues and has lost 8Kg without dieting". 


Dr Linda 

We provide something to suit all ages at all stages

You will be amazed at what you achieve in just 30 days

and love how good you can look and feel in 90 days

You HOTBody is waiting!

Whether you read the information, have a consultation, watch the videos or attend one of my events and presentations I hope your life will be changed forever.


If you choose to take the advise and get into action you will be able to take responsibility for the creation of a strong, happy and healthy future for yourself and your family. 


I hope you will learn to love yourself and love getting healthy as you learn more about your body and the power of nourishing yourself with LIVE food nutrition.


Listen - Learn - Laugh - Live Longer