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Imagine feeling fantastic, weight loss of up to 4kgs or more, no cravings, sleeping soundly and getting better results from exercise in just 30 days. Could you get a bit excited about that? Well that's what’s possible when you cleanse and replenish with the Isagenix cleanse and replenish whole body health program.


I have been using and recommending the Isagenix products and programs for over 3 years and it can be an integral part of my HOTBody protocol for everyone wanting to improve their health, weight, performance and ageing challenges.


Eating all the right things, in the right amount at the right time of the day is almost impossible with a busy, action packed and often stressful life. Plus living in a world of pollution, chemicalized water and pesticided nutrient deficient food, has lead to the necessity to bridge the nutrition and "I'm too busy" gap with fast, packaged nutrient dense food. Incorporating the Isagenix makes it easy.


The cleansing/intermitent fasting sets this progam apart from other programs. It helps the body release toxins and impurities that build up in fat and tissues and it is a missing link to supporting health and successful, long-term weight loss.  

Plus it replenishs the body with whole food nutrients that are difficult to get every day. This helps to revitalise the body’s systems, leading to vibrant good health.


It’s time to start living a clean and healthy life with a powerful food system without the thoughts or stress of dieting. With published research (see below for the latest) and a 30 day money back guarantee what have you got to lose.


I am happy to put my professional name to the Isagenix program because it is a system that helps support your bodies many systems that can help you to achieve your goals. I love using it every day, as does my 87 year old mum, my sister who is a registered nurse and 100s of my clients. It’s the power of a system of natural no compromise whole foods at work which help your body function as it was designed to.


"I just say give it a try", I am sure you will be happy with what you achieve in just 30 days and you will just love how good you can look and feel in 90 days.


Could you get really excited about that?


I hope you love it as much as I do.


Helen x

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The Isagenix Program addresses 4 main areas to help improve health: 


1. Protein Stabilization

2. Nutrient  Deficiency

3. Nutrient Dense Cleansing/Intermittent Fasting

4. Healthy Snacking


This assists:

1. Weight loss and management

2. Energy and performance

3. Youthful aging

4. Cleansing and replenishing


Lifestyle Friendly: 

Suits a busy, demanding and stressful life, with balanced, convenient, easy, economical, high quality food and natural nutrient support with a 30 day money back guarantee.

FREE 30 minute consultation:

Take advantage of the free consultation to work out which program will suit your goals and budget. There are programs and solutions to suit all ages and activities with a 30 day money back guarantee. Contact Us Today to get started on your new HOTBody.

*Some of the Health and Weight Loss benefits:

  • Improves energy

  • Releases years of toxic fat that can’t be exercised or dieted off

  • Helps boost a slow metabolism

  • Increases lean muscle, shape, tone and strength

  • Protects Telomeres from oxidation

  • Reduces cravings for sugar, fat, caffeine and alcohol

  • Reduces visceral fat (the inside fat which increases risk of cancer and disease)

  • Improves digestive function

  • Reduces adrenal stress and improves quality of sleep

  • Helps you fit into smaller clothes

  • Builds better self esteem and confidence

  • Gives you a sense of pride and success


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*Some of the Youthful Aging benefits:

  • Reduced toxicity and DNA damage

  • Telomere protection

  • Cleansed more youthful tissues

  • More energy

  • Better skin quality

  • Mental clarity

  • Positive stress management

  • Reduces anxiety and down days

  • Firmer body and improved muscle tone and strength

  • Better digestion

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer moods swings

  • Feel happier and more motivated


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* When used according to program recommendations and guidelines.

*Some of the Energy and Performance benefits:

  • More energy and motivation to exercise, train and compete at a higher level

  • Improved endurance

  • Faster recovery time

  • Quicker muscle gain, improved strength and power

  • Improved fat burning and metabolism

  • Less oxidation

  • Less injury and quicker recovery

  • More mental sharpness

Recover faster from athletic injury


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It’s an easy “lifestyle” change with a 30 day money back guarantee on the first order. It helps to bridge the nutrition gap.


Remember: It is not about spending more money because you are already spending money on food that can be making you tired, sick, fat and accelerate ageing. You have the opportunity to spend your money on high quality food to improve your wellbeing and manage your health and weight without dieting and age more youthfully.  

Easy and economical: $8 - $20 per day for 2 meals a day, supplement support and snacks. Programs and solutions to suit all budgets.

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Scientific Research:

Results of a new Skidmore College study into the Isagenix system have been released. In the 10-week study, the scientists evaluated use of an Isagenix system incorporating protein meal replacements (IsaLean Shakes) and intermittent fasting (Cleanse Days) on obese men and women.


They measured several parameters including weight loss, body composition, plasma toxins (PCBs), physiological and metabolic markers including resting metabolic rate (RMR), and arterial status. Results showed 4 times more fat loss and muscle gain, 2 times more increased metabolism and 3 times more toxins released when compared to a "Healthy Heart Diet".

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