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Performance Presentations

Improve your energy, strength, shape, tone, endurance, speed, skill,

reaction time, motivation, focus, results, recovery and reduce injury risk 

Food and Lifestyle Strategies to Perform to Your TRUE Potential

The Performance Success Equation

80% Nutrition = Fuel/Food


20% Exercise = Workout/Training


Champion Mindset = Attitude/Motivation

Steve Harcourt 

Elite Racing Cycles

"The RedHOT Health team taught me so much about the right way to fuel my body. My mind is calmer and more focused. I feel much stronger, have far more power and feel consistent every day. I am amazed by the improvement in my energy and performance in such a short time frame. I am riding faster and can't believe the weight loss, muscle strength and definition all over my body". 

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Teams (all ages), Elite Athletes, Sports People and Recreational Exercisers 

Our Mission


To provide a graphic, stimulating and entertaining environment, which inspires positive action, with the resulting improvement of mental and physical performance. 


If you are a champion on poor or ordinary nutrition you can be a superstar on high-quality nutrition.


Be prepared to love getting healthy and watch your performance move into an exciting new gear.

"Diet is more important than exercise. Don’t waste your time and sweat on the track or in the gym if you are not fuelling your body with the right live food".


The HOTFitness/Athlete programs are guaranteed to leave you and your team thinking, eating, looking, feeling and performing to their true potential.

Inviting you and your team to learn the easy steps to HOTPerformance

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Learn - Laugh
Eat Right - Perform Well 


The What, Why, When and How


Design your own RedHOT Performance Success Plan:


  • Discover a whole new connection to your body, food and mental attitude to achieve your full potential


  • Walk away feeling excited, equipped and willing to take the easy steps to having up to 50% more energy to train harder, burn fat, lose weight, build stronger muscle, recover faster, boost endurance, reduce injuries and achieve amazing performance milestones 


  • A focus on “fine-tuning” current eating habits, by using the renowned, simple and effective strategies of eating the right food, in the right amount, at the right time of the day with the right supplement support for your workload


Run, ride, swim, row, build, jump, dive, kick, train, play and compete smarter and harder and recover faster.


Be Your RedHOT Best

Topics and Time

Both are very flexible and can be adjusted according to your particular needs. Presentations can range from a 30-minute “snapshot”, a conference keynote, through to a 1/2 to full day or 2-day workshop.

N.B. The longer the time frame the better the learning experience and health and performance outcomes.

Any time dedicated to this essential information is never too short or too long.


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