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The Fresh Approach

We provide healthy information, education and support to let your self-esteem, energy, and confidence re emerge.

Your HOTBody Consultation will give you a greater understanding of your body and food and how they work together for healthly success.


We will focus on “fine tuning” your current eating and lifestyle habits using the renowned and effective RedHOT process of eating the right food (quality), in the right amount (quantity), at the right time (timing) of the day with the right whole food supplement support and lifestyle actions. This powerful combo is designed to suit your lifestyle and help stop cravings for sugar, fat and alcohol.


It's time to take the frustration and struggle out of looking and feeling HOT without dieting ever again.


You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in 30 days and how different you will look and feel in 90 days.

Food quality, quantity and timing

Protein stabilisation

Nutritional deficiencies

Energy improvement

Fat loss and weight management

Muscle building, strength and tone 

Craving and bingeing control

Sleep issues

Cellular cleansing and detoxing

Digestive regularity

Youthful ageing

Mental health and clarity

Immune health

Skin Issues

Eating disorders

Disease prevention

Performance - athletic, sports etc

Children's health

Hormonal health

Additives and allergies

Raw, vegetarian, vegan lifestyle

Effective and safe supplementation


Easy food and lifestyle changes to address

your individual challenges and needs in these areas

See What Your HOTBody Consultation Covers

Today is the first day

of your new journey to a rejuvenated, fresh and healthy you.  

Everything starts in your mind with the right information and inspiration.

Wherever you're at, your personalised HOTBody Program will help create the mindset and lifestyle guidelines to support you for great success. 

It's time to get excited and have confidence that the time you invest will change your life forever. This is just the beginning. The choices and actions that you take from today will support you in becoming the healthiest version of yourself at every age.


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