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REAL YOU Work Shop: Saturday 20th February

Shelley Taylor-Smith

Mind and Attitude

Featuring the REAL YOU Transformation Team

When: Saturday 20th February

Learn everything you need to know to let the REAL YOU Emerge in 2016

If you have tried lots of things, are sick of dieting, have spent lots of money on pills and potions, been frustrated and confused, are feeling unmotivated, down and depressed, finding exercise hard and not getting results, feel fat, frumpy and frazzled and you want to do something about it, then this work shop is designed for you. Your mind, body and heart are waiting.

It's time to "draw a line in the sand" (on Swanbourne Beach) and leave all that behind you.

Packed with fun, activities, learning, simple but effective techniques, motivation, inspiration

and daily steps that are enjoyable, easy and that work.

REAL energy

REAL confidence

REAL belief

REAL timing REAL food

REAL cravings gone

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REAL sleep

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Healthy Lunch and Snacks + Water Provided by Apostle Spring Water


REAL YOU Mindset Guide

REAL YOU Exercise and Heart Centred Guide

Post work shop support

Your REAL Investment 



"The greatest wealth is whole body health"


A REAL focus on you and your future

The things you need to know

Beautiful Ocean View

Get your toes in the sand


Inquiries: email or ring +61 428 612 212


We look forward to meeting you

and helping to bring out the REAL YOU


Your REAL YOU Team

Shelley, Helen and Sherree


Time:  9.30am - 3.30pm 

Optional EXTRA


More Value - NO extra cost

Optional Extra: Starts at 9am - "Qi Lates" with Erit on the beach

Join the inspirational Erit David on the beach to help bring your mind and body into the REAL YOU zone to get the best out of your day. Breath in the ocean air and views.


Erit will put the Qi (Energy + Purpose) into your day with Qi Lates.  Qi Lates is a combination of moving meditations and body conditioning, based on the principles and philosophies  of Qigong and Pilates . Regular practice of Qi Lates wakes up your cells, calms the mind and strengthens the body.

Erit has a Masters Degree in Business Leadership, is a Pilates Teacher and communications specialist. You can meet her on the beach 

Sat 20th Feb