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Health Team

Health Director
Nutrition Educator/Health Speaker

Helen Frost

There is not a day that goes by that we don't meet someone who is challenged with their mental or physical health, finding it hard to lose weight or not performing to their true potential. 

The power of balanced whole food nutrition is the fuel that will drive your health, weight and performance to a new level.

You just need to know the what, why, how and when to bring out the best in you no matter your age or stage in life.

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We love the opportunity of sharing the RedHOT Health HOTBody Programs and inspiring you to love getting healthy in all areas of your life.

Every health problem, weight management and fitness program in the world is improved with quality LIVE Food, regular activity, positive thoughts and environmentally safe actions.

Cravings are not weakness or no will power; they are the best indicator that things are not nutritionally balanced and adjustments need to be made in the quality, amount or timing of foods. They are your cry for change.

We understand the challenges of making changes to your eating and lifestyle habits. Slip-ups are just a slight deviation not a disaster. We are here to coach and guide you to love getting healthy and enjoy making the changes that will help you achieve your health and weight loss goals.

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Registered Nurse
Wellness Consultant

Susan Frost

I am a passionate nurse who loves to help people 'blossom and glow" and be the best version of themselves. 

If you have any medical challenges that need more clarity and some effective and easy nutrition and lifestyle strategies to improve your energy, weight loss, sleep and health it would be my pleasure to assit you.

It's all about deserve to feel and look the best you can at every age.

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Your Health is Our Passion

Helen Frost

Yolinda Day

Wellness Consultant

Achieving and performing to your best is all about nutrition, exercise and your mindset. 


I can help you identify your incredible strengths and overcome the things that are holding you back so you can move forward with positivity and purpose to the look, feel and live the life you are truly deserving of.


Let's flick the switch with the HOTBody program that suits you so you can love getting healthy in all areas of your life.

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Vanessa West

Hot Body Consultant

I love guiding people to be the best version of themselves so they are great role models for their family.


This fresh approach using the power of nutrition and cleansing provides a strong foundation and can help you improve your health, weight, mind set and performance.

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Tiarn Frost

Personal Trainer

Your body is your temple and needs high-quality nutrition and regular exercise to stay in the best shape. As you know "if you don't use it you lose it". Exercise is an essential part of your HOTBody success.


My passion is designing programs to suit you at every age so you can achieve the shape, tone, strength and performance you are truly capable of.


Whether you are just starting out, a recreational exerciser, a competitive sports person or an elite athlete you deserve to perform to your best. If you need motivation, are struggling to get results, want to lose weight or take your performance to the next level I can help. 

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