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Take your School on an Amazing Food, Body and Health Discovery

Edu - tainment at it's Best

It's all about growing Kids with:


  • Clever Brains

  • Strong Bodies

  • Great Attitudes

  • Super Star Performance


They deserve to achieve their true potential in all areas of their life through great health 

Health Information and Education

Students - Teachers - Parents - PD Days

My Mission


To help revolutionize kids view of nutrition and their body in a very graphic, interactive, dynamic and easy to understand way.


Through humour, the learning experience is fun, exciting, memorable and attitude changing. 

I demonstrate (with a food display and graphics) the downside of eating too much DEAD food, while inspiring kids to enthusiastically embrace the power of LIVE foods by showing them how they can build clever brains, strong bodies, great attitudes and superstar performance.
Pictures - Words - Song

Inviting your school to learn about the easy steps to HOTKids Health

The Sad Reality


Kids brains, bodies and true potential are being compromised by the food they eat every day.

You see it every day in the shape of:

  • lack of concentration and learning problems

  • behaviour and mental issues

  • physical disabilities

  • low energy and hyperactivity

  • sickness and disease 

The Health Impact on Our Kids

According to a new report "for the first time in two centuries, the current generation of children may have shorter life expectancies than their parents, due to the rapid rise in childhood obesity and sickness".


The Good News

Children's health and future can be turned around with our commitment to education, inspiration, a new healthy approach and leading by example.

Learn how to Fuel your School for HOTKids Health Success   

Tony Moore: Principal Chrysalis Montessori School

"The presentation was very valuable to all of our students; We have noticed a big change in the food that is packed into the lunch boxes. Not only do we have kids with relevant information, we can see it being

actioned in their lives as well. Their parents have commented on the change in their kids eating habits.

We are very happy to have you helping us pass on this vital information".

Simone Harding: Our Lady of Grace School

"I take my role, to educate children about their health, seriously. The research on nutrition is forever changing so it is difficult to source accurate information for children and parents, about exactly what and how they should be eating. Helen did this perfectly. She really knows what she is talking about and it shows. Helen is a wonderful educational presenter. Her lively persona, gorgeous display and hilarious graphics kept our attention and interest the whole way through.


Afterwards, my students kept asking me to sing the Poo Fairy Song and repeating her catchy phrases to one another. Helen presented information about healthy eating accurately, and in a way that is truthful and makes sense, even to the littlest of minds. Her educational seminar is a wonderful way to get children thinking about what they put into their growing bodies, and even wondering about what comes out of them".

Elizabeth Francis: HPE Specialist Phoenix Primary School

Damian Yr 2: "Look at my sandwich Mrs F...brown bread and salad. Yum!"

Ben Yr 3: "I asked Mum not to give me any more dead food for recess."

Michelle Yr 4: "I'm glad that lady came. She was fun. I'll never forget 'In the bin!!!'

Joshua Yr 5: "Wow, I really didn't know all that stuff. Bad news - but good news too!"

Zac Yr 7: "That wasn't good news for me, but I know that I have to eat a lot better if I want to do well in my sport."


Lee Lincoln: Secretary P&C Bayswater Primary School

“To present to both parents and children in the same forum is always a challenge. Helen’s easy to understand layman terms was a real winner with everyone and has really inspired change. The parents learnt a lot and appreciated the practical, enlightening information coming from an authoritative figure.


The children really took the key messages on board which immediately translated to a more positive attitude and food choices at home and in their lunch box.

With the excellent pre and post seminar resources that Helen provides, it was so easy to conduct a successful seminar at our school".

All I Need is Time with the Kids. They just Love It!
HOTKids Health Program
Topics and Time: 

They all very flexible and can be adjusted according to your school's particular needs.


N.B. The longer the time frame the better the learning experience. Concentration is never an issue because of the engaging, interactive nature of the presentations.

Option 1:

1 or 2 Step Program

Step 1: Student education: Full day in the school. 1 to 1.5h presentations to all children and teachers in the school. Suitable for K to 12. 


Step 2: Parent Education (Optional): 1.5 - 2h presentation to parents, friends and canteen staff etc 

Option 2:

1 Off Presentations:

These can be provided to particular year groups or classes to coincide with particular courses or themes etc. Sessions can be spread over 1 or a number of weeks according to the topics to be covered.

A New View of the Body and Food and how they work together for health success

I have had the privilege and fun of presenting in over 100 private and public schools. I am a mother and ex-teacher and I would love to inspire your students and school community to love getting healthy with the power of nutrition. 

I look forward to the opportunity of discussing this program with the appropriate people and combining our resources to make a difference to your school's health and well-being.



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