RedHOT Killer Green Smoothies/Shake


Check out the basic Killer Green formula below, you can make killer green smoothies with whatever produce you have on hand.

The Basics:

- To get started, you’ll need something for the base of your smoothie. Bananas or avocados work really well for this.

- On top of that, you’ll toss your choice of fresh or frozen fruit, a few ice cubes, and your greens.

- Fill out the smoothie with water, coconut water or your favourite milk (preferably non-dairy like almond milk, organic soy milk etc), and you’re ready to whirl! Blend everything up really well, and enjoy!


When you’re just getting started, don’t push it with the greens.

Green Content

The key is to increase the amount of greens over time. If you try to make your very first smoothie half greens and half fruit, you’re probably not going to enjoy it. Take things slowly, and you’re more likely to enjoy and stick with it!

To start, you’ll probably just want to use one leaf of kale or Swiss chard with the rib removed or a small handful of baby spinach. As your palette gets used to the greens, though, you’ll be able to reduce the fruit and up the amount of healthy greens in each serving. Before you know it, you’ll be grabbing handfuls of greens and using only a few small pieces of fruit to flesh things out.


Part of the fun of a killer green smoothie is experimenting. Try adding different types of fruit or different leafy greens.

RedHOT Killer Green smoothie combinations:

  • banana + kale/spinich + frozen mango + almond milk

  • banana + spinach/kale + pineapple + coconut water/milk

  • avocado + romaine lettuce + frozen blackberries/mixed berries + almond milk

  • banana + Swiss chard + frozen strawberries + coconut milk

  • banana + parsley/spinich + pineapple + almond/organic soy milk

  • The varieties are endless. Use your imagination and enjoy.

Breakfast Killer Smoothie:

If you use a smoothie on its own at breakfast it may leave you hungry way before lunch time. For a heartier version, try adding a tablespoon or two of organic oats or flax meal or nut butters like peanut, almond, or cashew which help add some calories and fat to keep you more nourished longer.

I recommend if using a smootie or shake as a breakfast that you make sure you add a good quality protein powder to make sure you have your building and repairing in place, your metabolism boosted, your moods and sugar stable and your cravings under control.

RedHOT Protein recommendation to boost your green smoothie: Isagenix IsaPro:

The best results are possible with IsaPro. The Highest Quality Undernatured Whey Protein. It helps to fuel muscle growth and jumpstart your metabolism to overcome a weight-loss plateau. Each serve contains 27 grams of undenatured whey protein from pasture-fed New Zealand dairy cows, which is easily digestible and helps curb hunger cravings.

IsaPro whey protein is ideal for your RedHOT killer green smoothie. Because it's a unprocessed, naturally healthy whey protein it is more effective than other type of protein for burning fat cells and also for rebuilding muscles after a workout. As an added bonus, IsaPro works as a powerful antioxidant, boosting your body’s immune system. The multi-tasking, high-quality IsaPro protein is essential for:

  • Those wanting to boost their overall health

  • People trying to build lean muscle and help muscles recover quicker after workouts

  • People on weight loss programs

Read More... Contact us for more details or to order Isa PRO.

Some of you are probably green smoothie fans already! Do you have a favorite combination? I’d love to hear your smoothie recipes in the comments!

Have a RedHOT green infused day.


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