What's on the End of Your Fork? LIVE or DEAD

“Life without the LIVE food makes you sad and sick”

Food is the foundation fuel of energy. Your choices have the power to give or take your energy away.

Think about it like this. The fridge, pantry, super market and deli are packed with human body parts which are more commonly called food. “You (and your energy) are what you eat” The food you eat is your next body part, so it is important to choose wisely.

Food = Fuel = Energy: Are you eating LIVE or DEAD Fuel?

Foods can be classified for quick reference as LIVE (high quality fuel) or DEAD (low quality fuel).

LIVE Foods: are the ones that grow in the ground or on a bush or tree, run around a paddock or swim. They are the fresh foods like raw fruits and vegetables, lean meat, chicken, fish and other animal products, whole meal bread, whole grains, nuts and seeds, legumes and beans and natural unprocessed fats and oils.

They are the LIVE body parts.

High Energy Fact: Live foods provide high energy, help to build strong brains and bodies, protect and defend you from disease and keep you healthy.

Where to find LIVE Foods: You'll find the Live foods mainly around the sides and back sections of the supermarket in the refrigerated areas to keep them fresh. They have a limited use by date and need to be eaten fresh and raw for maximum energy.

“If they spoil or sprout there is no doubt”

DEAD Foods: are the man made, processed factory foods in a packet or tin. As soon as you pick, pluck or slit its throat, food starts to lose its life and energy. The further away nature (from the ground, tree, paddock or ocean) the less energy (nutrition/life) they have. By the time they have been heated, flattened, squashed, squeezed, preserved, coloured, puffed etc and put in a tin or packet they have lost most or all of their nutrition/life and are not good for you. These foods usually have high levels of processed white sugar and white flour, fat, salt and artificial additives, colours, flavours and preservatives. E.g. white bread, pastries, noodles and pasta, cakes, chocolates, biscuits, lollies, ice-cream, margarine, soft drink, alcohol, cordial, carton juice drinks, processed meats, takeaways etc.

They are the DEAD body parts.

Low Energy Fact: You can’t build live, healthy body parts with Dead foods. They may give you a short term energy boost because they are full of processed sugar or fat, but then they can leave you feeling flat and if you are not exercising enough to burn them as energy they will store as fat.

Dead foods can only build inconsistent energy, cravings, weight problems, organ breakdown, aches & pains, cravings, moodiness, headaches, allergies, ADHD, colds and flu, bowel problems and the more serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, depression, auto immune problems etc

Where to find DEAD Foods: You will find Dead foods in the inside isles of the supermarket. The longer the use by date the deader, the more fattening, the more useless and often the more toxic the food. They also provide greater profits to the manufacturer.

“If it doesn’t spoil or sprout go without”

Remember: "You can only build LIVE healthy brains and bodies with LIVE food. Choose wisely".

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