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The story so far

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On the 18th December Steve Harcourt, the face of Elite Racing Cycles Perth, made the decision to improve his physical and mental health as he has goals he is wanting to achieve.

Those who have the privilege of being in his company know him to be an enthusiastic and very passionate cyclist with a steely determination as he has already been at the top of his game, being NUMBER 1 amongst the WORLDS BEST.

December the 18th Steve chose to begin the most powerful nutritional and cleansing program on the planet so he can achieve his personal goals, as he especially wanted to improve his energy and performance. Since he began, The RedHOT Health Team has been tracking his progress.

In the short time he has been using the very best health and wellness program he not only rode about 770 ks in 7 days while in Adelaide at the Tour Down Under but Sunday 1/2/15 entered his first race in the West Coast Masters A Grade Criterium. In a field of 60 of our States best aged 35+ he finished 11th. And as he said "not bad for an old fart only half fit in my first race in a decade". Steve is in his 50th year.

Along with a vast improvement to his energy and performance, he has stated that his "mind is calmer and more focussed", he feels much "stronger" and has far more "power", he feels "consistent" every day, with the added bonus that his body is morphing back to how it was designed to be, becoming the fittest and healthiest version of Steve Harcourt. He already has a glint in his eyes and has definitely got "the GLOW" The Legend is back. Stay tuned and come along with us all and enjoy the ride with Steve.

Should any of you "want what he's having" you can contact the RedHOT Health team.

Some of his visual changes at 6 weeks.

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More inspiring achievements since then to come soon...

If you would like to know more about the program that has helped Steve please Contact Us.

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