Caffeine drinks can make you fat especially when you are stressed. Ouch!

Start weaning off caffeine drinks and making some real progress in the fat burning department.


Stressed and fat? Here's why.

Grabbing a hyped up energy drink or coffee shot is so easy but it can be a no go zone if you want to keep your stress low, burn fat and stay lean. I can hear the groans already. How can you do without it? You can. Trust me and you will feel so much better for it. Do you want to get rid of belly fat?

Lets re-think this action and rationalize what actually happens when you grab for the quick caffeine fix. Research shows that tiredness or stress generally drive you to the so called energy drinks which then lead you to energy crashes. The other downside is they also cause you to pack on the kgs and specifically the belly fat even faster which over time gets increasingly harder to get rid of. Not good news for the sexy dress and the six pack.

It is easy to get sucked in. Some of the drinks actually claim that they can be beneficial when you are under pressure or stressed.

This is a lie because when you’re stressed your body releases a hormone called cortisol. In small quantities and in response to a life threatening situation this is essential and natural. Read attached for more detail on the Side Affects of Cortisol re fat, blood sugar, blood pressure, PMT, testosterone, depression etc

When the cortisol hits the blood stream your body understands this as a fight or flight situation and releases fat as fuel into your blood stream so you have the energy to get away. The majority of the time you are probably not running away or burning the released fat as energy which means your body will store more fat instead.

Often you are sitting at your desk, handling work pressure, deadlines, budgets, complaints etc where you’re not moving but you’re stressed. The constant

release of cortisol can also lead to an increase in appetite and craving for sugar (lollies, chocs, chips) which if eaten turn too more belly fat.

Caffeine actually increases your level of stress (when you are already stressed) and the amounts of fat stacking cortisol that is released into your bloodstream. This leads to all sorts of other complications and health concerns that are unseen. The one that you all see is the fat tire around the belly.

Some of these drinks like diet colas, Red Bull etc can be low calorie, low sugar (aspartame sweetened) but high in caffeine. This deceptive energy could be anywhere from 135 – 184mg of caffeine. This is like drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee which isn’t necessarily bad if spread out over a day. However, if you stressed out for any reason you should not drink coffee or anything with caffeine because of the cortisol response.

It’s a catch 22… the caffeine increases your level of stress which decreases your performance and increases your belly fat! Not a recipe for success.

RedHOT Tips:

  • Get up at least once every 50 – 90 minutes…walk around, stretch and take some deep breaths. Your body after 50 – 90 minutes of sitting can go into a heightened level of stress and will release cortisol and force your body into a fat storage mode. Getting up and moving around helps to prevent this.

It sounds simple. Monitor yourself today to see how often you actually get up and move around during the day. You may be surprised how long you have been sitting motionless and making more belly fat. Change that ASAP…your waist line is waiting!

  • Something else you can do to improve how you respond to stress is eating LIVE raw food, drinking more water & herbal teas, exercising regularly and getting a good nights sleep.

No revelations here just a reminder that if you keep your body happy with the right food and drinks at the right time of the day you can manage stress, your waist line and fat so much easier.

Have a RedHOT day de stressing and de FATTING. Yeh!

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