BOOST YOUR BRAIN POWER with your Thoughts and Nutrition

You only have control of this very moment in time. What you think, say, do and eat is up to you. You can take more control of this moment and do something that will make a positive contribution to your life each day.

One of the keys to success is to give yourself credit for all your achievements so far. Sure there have been times when you've made mistakes (everybody does), but that’s how you learn and move forward. At least you gave something a go. You need to acknowledge the small wins along the way or you'll end up overwhelmed, stressed, unappreciated and busy because there is still always so much to do.

Your thoughts are all powerful so some brain power to stay positive and make the changes that will help you to feel RedHOT will definitely be a great help. 'If you believe you can or you can’t you are absolutely right'.

Try these RedHOT Nutrition Tips to boost your brain power for a “can do” attitude so you can keep your positive thoughts flowing.

Eat lots of LIVE fresh foods:

The different coloured fruits and the green leafy and coloured vegetables are the key source of antioxidants to protect your brain from free radical damage. They feed your brain with over 12,000 brain boosting nutrients every day. Eat them with every meal and feel the difference. The World Health Organization recommends 5-9 cups of fruits and vegetables every day.

Feast on Fish:

Omega 3 fatty acids found in cold water oily fish like salmon, sardines and tuna eaten 3 or more times a week will encourage new and healthy brain cells to form. You grow new brain cells all your life so they might as well be happy and strong. No more excuses that you are too old to take in new information or lay down new memories. If you don’t like fish make sure you take a good quality form of supplementary omega 3 fish or krill oil or plant sources like flax seed oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil.

Get into Blue:

Blueberries contain anthocyanins in their deep blue pigmentation. They have positive effects on your short term memory and motor skills. The antioxidants also help to protect your brain from the damaging effects of pollution, alcohol, drugs, and food additives. Red and other deeply pigmented berries are also very good for giving your brain more spark.

Eat your Eggs:

The yolk contains choline which is great for memory, brain function and general health. Eat them any way but fried.

Chew on Dark Chocolate:

Yeah! One condition, it has to be at least 75% cocoa and no more than 40 grams per week. A little bit goes a long way and it enhances the neurotransmitters, the chemicals that allow the brain cells to talk to each other.

Drink more clean Water:

Your brain is 85% water so it needs to be hydrated and clean to work, think and concentrate well. Aim for a minimum of 8+ glasses a day. For the most natural and pleasurable home delivered water go to

Cut out anything White, Processed, Sugary, Alcoholic and Fatty:

Hamburger and alcohol. These kill brain cells. I know they might taste good but that’s where it ends. Once they slide so easily past your taste buds they then ooze into your body and brain. Imagine pouring alcohol, sugar and fat over a piano key board and then expecting to play a nice tune. They can make you fuzzy headed and increase anxiety and depression. These conditions are not conducive to a happy and positive brain.

Woof down Walnuts:

Walnuts ironically resemble your brain in so many ways! They seem to be the brain’s best nut with highest amount of natural plant omega-3. Walnuts contain both omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins E and B6. Omega-3 fatty acids can boost your mood and help restructure the parts of your brain that relate to your emotions giving you an overall more positive outlook on life. Now that can’t be bad! Studies have shown that people suffering from memory loss or Alzheimer’s disease often have a dietary deficiency of omega-3 oils.

Enjoy boosting your brain power and harnessing all those positive thoughts and energy to forge ahead and make every day a RedHOT day of amazing progress and achievements.

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