Social Eating Tips

Socializing is a great time to connect and have fun.

Make a stand for happy and HEALTHY social get togethers. Everyone will feel much better for it. Remember it is not a competition to see who can eat and drink the most. This is a time to pace yourself.

HOT Tips:

• If you are entertaining, keep your own health and weight goals in mind and offer a good variety of Live healthy foods like salads with your favorite home made dressings.

• BBQ fish and lean chicken and meats are easy instead of the cheap snag (with the eyes, ears, noses and sheep and pig private parts, all jazzed up with plenty of fat and artificial flavours).

• If you have a small treat so you don’t feel deprived, don’t go back for second and third servings.

• If you overfill your plate you are more likely to eat a much larger portion than usual. So go easy at buffets. It is not “eat like a pig time”…unless you don’t mind the pig shape. Pile it high with salad first then add a little of the other bits then eat the salad first. You will be amazed at how easy it is to not over eat doing it this way.Fill up on the low calorie and nutrient dense foods and the others will look after themselves.

• Position yourself away from the food and drinks table so you are less likely to pick.

• Take into account your feeling of fullness. Don’t keep nibbling just because it’s there. If you are entertaining, don’t put too much food out at once. Everyone will benefit from not over eating.

• Eat well all day before you go out so you are not so hungry that you eat everything in sight.

• Push the white crispy little buns, deep fried morsels and sugary sweets away. They are ready made Fat attacks. Say NO to white glue, sugar and fat. It is not worth the 1 minute munch unless you are planning a 30 minute+ jog around the block to burn it off.

Instead of:

• French onion dip, try hummus or tomato salsa

• Chips and crackers, try vegetable sticks and whole meal crackers.

• Spring rolls, try barbeque prawns or mini-kebabs

Just be moderate – it is nice to be social, but too much food and alcohol is fattening and harmful for everyone.

Keep moving – keeping up your regular exercise routine can give you the fitness and stamina to make it through the demands of the day and burn off extra social treats that might just find their way down your neck.

Drink Tips:

• Sip water along with alcoholic drinks

• Try low-fat mixers such as soda or mineral water. Be aware that tonic water is high in calories like most other soft-drinks

• Ask for half-nips of spirits

• Beware the larger, modern-style wine glasses are much bigger than the 100ml for women or 200ml for men that represent one standard glass of wine.

• Pace yourself so you are not drinking more than you think. Your brain and liver will appreciate it.

Enjoy having fun and nourishing your body and everyones elses at the same time.

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