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- High quality protein powder:

Choose grass feed, organic, undenatured whey protein for the full Amino Acid complex. Avoid isolated grain fed whey and de natured vegetable proteins.


- Isa Lean: 2 scoops/1 sachet (24g protein) chocolate or vanilla 

- Isa Lean Pro: 1 sachet (36g protein) chocolate or vanilla

Protein amount/grams needed is calculated according to your ideal lean body weight, age and activity level. 



- Oats/Brown Rice                       1/4 to 1/2 cup (organic referred) amount depens on                                                          activity level              

- Fruit                                           1-2 pieces chopped e.g. orange, kiwi,

                                                     apple, banana, berries etc

- Chia seeds                                1 - 2 Tsp or Hemp Seeds or Combo

Walnuts or other nut                     5 crushed or ground. Raw and soaked 

                                                     overnight for easier digestion

- Liquid to taste                           1/2 to 1 cup (Pure Harvest or Australia’s Own Malt                                                              Free Soy) or almond, rice or oat milk

or                                                 1/2 to 1 cup of water                                                          


PLUS if you are not eating the recommended 5 cups of vegetables every day add  Isagenix Greens to give you over 30 whole foods and vegetables. 



Add everything to a big enough bowl so you can stir it easily and enjoy.

Then feel the sustained energy you get over the morning. It is so yum too.


NB: If you are lean and very active you may need to add more protein, oats/rice, fruits, seeds, nuts etc.



If more protein is needed add a good quality protein powder (Recommended: Isa Pro Protein


Other seeds, or natural yoghurt can be added or substituted for variety.

Other milks like rice, oat can be used. They have less protein so adjust the protein from other sources.


Enjoy your breakfast. it is the most important meal of the day.



Love getting healthy

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