The Secrets of a Happy POO?

Without realising it many of us put ‘glue-like’ foods and products into our bodies 3-5 times a day – such as white bread, some multi-grain breads (grains and seeds simply added to the ‘glue’ in many multi-grain bread varieties doesn’t really help that much either) and other white flour products like cakes, biscuits, croissants, pastries etc.

We race around and forget to eat our 5 -9 cups of fibre (our toilet brush) rich fruit and vegetables, drink 8+ glasses of water or exercise, and then we wonder why we have bloated tummies and only poo once every few days and fart like a trooper.

Unfortunately, if we don’t tune in to your bowel health then over a period of time your whole body including your brain function will start to be affected.

An unhappy bowel is an unhappy body and brain.

It's time to really engage – you are going to have to look twice at your poo —YES that’s right you will need to actually look at the shape, then the colour and smell of your poo. The look and sniff test. It tells a lot about you.


Strong urge when it is ready to come out

Slips out easily and softly

Needs no coaxing or pushing

Is well formed (poo should look like a banana with a point at one end or an S shape)

Is well hydrated (poo that looks like little balls wadded together has been in the colon too long)

You feel like you are in heaven


Having no urge

It hurts. Feels like you are passing bricks.

Bloated pot tummy

It takes a long time

Having to grunt, groan and push

Is very loose, squirty and fast

Windy and smelly

Itchy, burny botty

Looks like little balls of rabbit poo or pieces

There’s blood or mucus

HOTSecrets For a Happy Poo and Better Bowel Health:

- Drink plenty of water – on average at least 30 - 40ml for every kilogram (or 1ounce for every pound). Here are some examples: if your child weighs 40kgs x 30mls they should be drinking at least 1200ml (1.2 litres) of water, or an 80kg person x 30mls = 2400mls (2.4 litres).

- Eat stacks of fresh fruit and vegetables, strive for the recommended 5-9 cups of preferably organic (chemical free) and raw a day. One cup or ‘piece’ is considered roughly the size or length of your hand – such as one apple or one carrot.

- Focus on eating LIVE foods that ‘look-like’ how nature intended them. Eat foods that look the same as they did when they came out of the ground or the garden. Remember there are no white bread plants!!

- Eat whole-grain products preferably kamut, spelt and quinoa and gluten free grains as they help flush fat and cholesterol out of your system. Don’t mistake whole-wheat products for whole-grain.

- Cut out too much Coffee (dries out the bowel), Refined sugars (breeds bad bacteria), Antibiotics (avoid wherever possible as they strip away good bacteria) and DEAD Processed foods – you could just remember to cut out CRAP unless you want a gummed up bum!

- Remember to chew not just swallow food. Slow down be mindful of what you're eating. Chewing food and then continued chewing of our food helps kick start the digestive process so you get the best nutrition out of it. You do not have teeth in your stomach.

- If you are a parent it is important to make poo habits and digestive health part of natural family conversation. The easier it is to talk about poo the easier it is too correct poor habits.

- Two to three good bowel movements a day is considered optimal digestive health; 1 is absolute minimum and can still indicate constipation.

- Perform some form of huff and puff sweaty exercise 5 days a week. When you are stagnant your bowels become stagnant.

- De-stress and slow life down. When we stress we typically are not moving with the flow of life. De-stress and let your life and bowels flow.

- Check your ‘bowel transit time’. When the digestive system is working well, bowel transit time ranges from 12 to 24 hours. Remember you are 36 degrees inside and things in that temperature rot like a dead kangaroo on the side of the road on a hot day. Very toxic and polluting to your body.

To easily test transit time, simply eat a brightly coloured food such as beetroot (at least one or two whole beets), take a mental note of the time it is eaten, and then check each motion to see when a dark red poo emerges. Alternative foods you could trial include corn and sesame seeds. Ironically, corn is a grain, not a vegetable, and is extremely hard for the body to digest and assimilate. As corn passes through the digestive tract mostly undigested, it is a particularly useful food for this transit test.

7 Reasons You May Become Constipated

Can’t poo properly when:

- you haven’t drunk enough water, It is like having bricks in your backside.

- you haven’t eaten enough fibre or bulk (fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and whole grains)

- your spine is not aligned (vertebral subluxations affects nerve messages between the brain and bowel). A regular tune up is recommended.

- your foods are not well combined (an imbalance in consistency or flavouring). Too much gluey white flour based foods.

- you haven’t exercised enough

- you are emotionally tense

- you keep yourself too busy (you rush from one activity to another)

While poo may be an awkward topic, it makes sense to check-in with your body and identify how your bowels are coping with your lifestyle stressors. If you have children then it's wise to make bowel health a very normal part of family discussion.

Clearly we are not just talking about bathroom habits – we are appreciating that a lack of bowel health affects so many aspects of our lives. When our bowels work well they extract the vitamins and minerals we need to thrive and they remove the toxins we accumulate every day.

Good bowel health gives us energy and vitality and allows us to fight off infections and illness. Healthy bowels create healthy HOT bodies.

When your body is working well then so too is your mind and we are then better able to go with the flow and connect with the world around us in a happier way.

Have you had a RedHOT POO today? Well now you know what you can do.

Happy HOT Poo to YOU.

If you need help with your digestive health or any other health challenge Contact Us.

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