BREATHE: the Oxygen of energy

“Life without oxygen is a dead end”

Breathing is the No 1 energy action that happens naturally and unconsciously. But breathing properly is the trick to having high, sustained energy.

Without a good lung capacity your access to oxygen (the breath of life) is restricted and the energy and intensity of all activities is severely reduced. It takes a conscious effort to learn to breath oxygen in and carbon dioxide out the most energy efficient way.

If you are not aware you can tend to take short, shallow breaths through your mouth and often hold your breath without realizing it, especially when you’re stressed. If that’s your unconscious breathing pattern, you’re depriving your body and all your working organs of oxygen – and less oxygen means less energy and staying power.

Whether you’re feeling tired, are faced with a crisis, need to make a decision, feel wound up or angry, or you just want to relax or have more satisfying sex it's time to stop, be conscious and breath properly.

HOTBody Breathing Tips: - Deep Breathing Start your morning with this simple oxygen boosting deep breathing exercise.

Breathe slowly and deeply in and out through your nose.

5 - 10 long deep breaths will fuel your brain and muscles with essential oxygen and energy.

Let your tummy out as you breath in and then suck it in with each breath to push the carbon dioxide out. - Breath in to the count of 7 - Hold for the count of 7 - Breath out for 7 Work up to longer intervals; feel your chest rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale. Eventually, you’ll do this automatically throughout the day and it will make a huge difference to your state of mind and energy level. For optimal energy breathe down into the tummy rather than just into the top part of your lungs to fully expand your airways to the oxygen. Repeat this breathing exercise every few hours throughout your day. In between be conscious of not breathing with shallow or short breaths.

Try it right now for practice before you read the next energy tip.

5 deep breaths in and out and then read on with your renewed energy.

Extra “Energy PLUS+” oxygen boosting Breathing Tips:

It's quite easy once you get the hang of it:

- Breathe through the nose. The breath should go in and out through the nose. ...

- Breathe with the diaphragm. The air you breath in through your nose should go all the way down to your belly. ...

- Breathe relaxed. ...

- Breathe rhytmically. ...

- Breathe silently.​

Clean up the air you breathe: - Open the windows in your home or office to freshen the air - Get outside and breath fresh air - Have plants in each room because they breath more oxygen into the air - Don't smoke - Don't spray toxic chemicals around your home or on your body - Look after the air you breath by being environmentally conscious in all your actions. - Happy HOTBody breathing.

Oxygen is the breath of life.



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