3 HOT Tips to get lean and de-stress (demolish cortisol)

I am sure you've heard of the importance of keeping your cortisol levels as low as possible. One of the ways that you can keep your cortisol levels down during the day and prevent packing on the kgs is by NOT drinking energy drinks. (the effect on your cells is like having tiny little razor blades floating around in your body).

Here are some of the other ways that you can keep your cortisol levels down...

Cortisol Cutting Tricks = less stress and fat

1. Eat for Relaxation YESSSSS

Yes, there are pills and things that western medicine would have you believe are the absolute best way to decrease your stress and cortisol levels but there are other ways that, well.... just taste better and are not chemicals (western medicine... thanks but no thanks).

Literally eat away your worries with...

Spinach, peppers, cauliflower, mushrooms, asparagus, onions and tomatoes... nice. (cook those in Macadamia Nut Oil)

These are high in B vitamins that blunt the effects of cortisol and sharpen your abs with razor edge precision. If you wanted some motivation to eat something that you know you should be eating anyways... there you go :)

Next up...

Oily fish and and fish oil supplement (Decrease in stress by 20%)

This is one of the few supplements that is 100% backed up by research. Decrease your stress by 20% by taking a fish oil supplement (reported by Diabetes and Metabolism).

You can also keep from going bananas by eating bananas. Just don't overdo it, moderation is key. Melatonin is a hormone that helps you stay calm and sleep well. Bananas are great to snack on before your workouts or right after. They're also something great to add to your pre and post workout protein smoothies/shakes.

2. Go Outside: spending time outdoors (it works)

I know that can be a tough one during the winter but those months are drawing closer to an end. A group of researchers doing some great work at the University of Essex found that as little as a 5 minute walk in nature can drastically improve your mood and reduce... You guessed it Cortisol and fat production (decreased big time).

The "light" exercise will improve mood, your outlook on life, ability to perform under pressure as well as burn more body fat. Vitamin D actually creates a hormone response that tells your body to NOT be as hungry AND to use body fat as fuel!

It will give you a boost in clean energy as well.

The key is to make sure to get up and go outside during the day regardless of what is happening. Set an alarm every 1 1/2 hours and just step outside for some fresh air. It may not seem like much but the benefit will be exponential.

3. Snooze: and you will lose. Literally! In our crazy work culture we waltz around with sleep deprivation bagged eyes like they are badges of honour. Don't be another mindless drone to continually throw yourself on that sword. For more reasons than I could go over you will want to stop. As it pertains to your stress and fat, getting sleep keeps your hormones in balance. If you like increasing your cortisol (stress) levels by 48% and being fat go right ahead and keep sleeping 4-6 hours per night. Hopefully you're getting more sleep than that but statistically it's a safe bet you're not. If you're not getting enough sleep you're getting attacked every day by the Ghrelin Gremlin. What's the heck is the Ghrelin Gremlin? Ghrelin is a hormone in your body that is released when you do not get enough sleep and your nutrition levels get low and it forces you to CRAVE food often in the shape of sugar and fat as your body drives you to nourish it and get more sleep. That's right.... Ghrelin is a fat packer. Ghrelin is your nutrition indicator and literally forces you to want to eat good, bad or otherwise sugary, starchy, fatty foods and that's why on many days by the time you get home the lack of sleep and extreme hunger (low nutrition) over takes you and you devour way more before and at the dinner table than you really need and maybe wash it down with a glass of wine (that's another story on another day). We all get hungry but we can't control ourselves at that point...You've unintentionally told you're body that you are in starvation mode and surprise, surprise that's why your body starts to store fat and feel very ordinary. So today when you start to feel the tension, the shoulders tighten and your frustration levels rise don't forget you have some new arrows in the quiver to fight back against stress and fat. You can do something about your cortisol levels by fighting back with the Cortisol Cutting trifecta.

Give them a try over the next week and see what happens.

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