Do you need some inspiration, a change of direction, to feel better about yourself, some hope and support, a HOTBody plan that works,?


6.30 for 7pm sharp start


WATER provided by Apostle Water

With 5 weeks until the New Year are you ready for your NEXT STEP?

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • Less fat

  • More muscle tone and strength

  • Calm stress

  • No cravings

  • Better body composition, moods and self esteem

  • Proud and confident

A focus on:

  1. Nutrient Density

  2. Metabolic Timing

  3. Craveless Calories

  4. Fat Defense

  5. Muscle Matrix

  6. Heart Rate

  7. Mind Set

  8. Sleep Factor

  9. Visceral Decline

  10. Ease and Flow

If you're really wanting to make a difference to your health, weight, energy or performance then you are invited to take the NEXT STEP to your HOTBody Success.

The inspiration and easy actions to get back on track. Yes, I know you know what you should be doing but you are just not doing it. It's time for the "tune up", re jig, kick up the butt and a fresh start.

Your Christmas body is built now. I look forward to seeing you soon. When you take the NEXT STEP I am sure you will be happy with what you achieve in just 30 days and you will just love how good you can look and feel in 90 days even with Christmas and New Year just around the corner.

"I hope my personal story might just help someone take that NEXT STEP. A year ago, I had felt so flat for so long, I'd forgotten that it's NOT normal to feel that way. I was waking up tired, I was stressed and super cranky, felt self conscious about my weight and I just didn't have any energy to give to myself or anyone. 10 months ago, I decided I had had enough and made some easy changes and boosted up my nutritional density at the right times of the day. Since then my energy is back, my emotions are balanced and l've lost over 10 kgs. All this with a full work and social life and I'm just starting to exercise now"


I hope to see you at the seminar and have a RedHOT week.

Healthy regards,


Please Contact US with any questions


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