Social Eating Survival at Christmas

It’s a well known fact that when you’re hungry, everything looks good, so take the edge off before you head off to the Christmas party.

Have an apple and a handful of nuts and fresh vegetables or a quick shake.

You’ll be amazed how much more rational you are about food choices when your stomach isn’t acting like a glutton and screaming, “feed me!”

Your focus this Christmas is to have a better balance of LIVE foods on offer for you, your family and friends instead of a pile of fatty, sugary, tasty but nasty Christmas killers. Make a stand for happy and HEALTHY social get togethers. Everyone will feel much better for it. Remember it is not a competition to see who can eat and drink the most (and increase their heart attack and cancer risk). This is a time to pace yourself.

1. If you are entertaining, keep your weight and health goals in mind and offer a good variety of Live salads with your favourite home made dressings. Try these easy RedHOT (to die for) Dressings

2. BBQ fish and lean Crunchy chicken (you will be the star of the show with this one. It is SOOO Yum!) and meats are easy instead of the cheap snag(with the eyes, ears, noses and sheep and pig private parts, all jazzed up with plenty of fat and artificial flavours). Yuk! What a Fat attack. If you are going to eat a sausage at least get one that hasn't got heart attack written all over it.

3. Have a small treat so you don't feel deprived, BUT don't go back for second & third servings. Those are the ones that stick around.

4. If you overfill your plate you are more likely to eat a much larger portion than usual. So go easy at buffets. It is not “eat like a pig and be FAT like father Christmas time”...unless you don’t mind the Christmas gut. Pile it high with salad first then add a little of the other bits, then eat the salad first. You will be amazed at how easy it is to not over eat doing it this way. Fill up on the low calorie and nutrient dense foods and the others will look after themselves. Position yourself far away from the food and drinks table so you are less likely to pick

5. Take into account your feeling of fullness. Don't keep nibbling just because it’s there. If you are entertaining, don't put too much food out at once. You are not feeding am army. Everyone will benefit.

6. Eat well all day before you go out so you are not so hungry that you eat everything in sight.

7. Push the white crispy little bun away. It is a ready made Fat attack. But it’s only little I can hear you saying. Say NO to white glue. It is not worth the 1 minute munch unless you are planning a 30 minute+ jog around the block to burn it off..

Instead of:

  • French onion dip: try hummus or tomato salsa

  • Chips and crackers: try crunchy vegetable sticks and whole meal crackers.

  • Yellow fatty cheese: try tasty feta

  • Spring rolls: try barbecue prawns or mini-kebabs

  • Cakes, mince pies and desserts: try a colourful cherry popping fruit platter, or some Snow Power Balls with yogurt or low-fat ice-cream (only if you insist - it is only once a year.

If you are struggling with your weight or health I can help you get your energy and waist line back.

Book in for a HOT Body Tune Up and start feeling better today.

Enquire today.

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