Do you eat Bum Glue?

If you are tempted STOP!!! and think. Would you usually eat BUM GLUE and expect it to do you any favours?

Well let me explain... by the time a grain has had its vitamins, minerals, wheat germ and fibre stripped from it (like stripping your heart, lungs, muscles and brain away) and the remains are bleached to make it white flour it is considered "white death" in nutritional terms.

You now have the main ingredient of WHITE BREAD.

There is NO life or nutritional value there. They warn you not to feed it to the ducks.

To make the white flour taste better, so you eat it, things like sugar, salt, emulsifiers, additives, vegetable oil and chalk are added to make it nice and white.

When you mix water with white flour you can make glue and that is what happens when you eat white bread. It turns to BUM GLUE. There is no fibre there to help push it through your 6-7 metre intestines.

NB: The white high fibre is still glue with invisible fibre, so it is not any better. Multi grain is only one step up from white bread. It is white bread with a few grains sprinkled it it. Still a good source of BUM GLUE.

If you are having bowel issues of any kind do yourself the best favour and cut out the BUM GLUE (white flour products).

Eat the whole meal grain products that provide nutrition and fibre to move the BUM GLUE through.

Learn about all the right things to eat to be the best version of yourself this year.

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