TEN Steps to your New Year HOTBody

So, we all know that combining exercise with a good diet is the formula for HOTBody success - but what’s the best way of getting it all going in the New Year?

New Year resolutions sound good when you say them fast, write them down or think about them, but putting them into practice can be a bit challenging in the beginning, so if you’re craving at the thought of changing the way you eat and sweating at the idea of exercise, I hear you. But, once you get the flow and realise what you can achieve, you will feel stronger, healthier, balanced and HOTTER: you will feel fit and fabulous.

TEN Steps to start a HOTBody routine and stick to it:

1. Have an end goal: Think of a purpose for why you are eating better and exercising. Having more energy and feeling better about yourself is a good start.

2. Programme and prepare: Know exactly what you plan to do food wise (you may like to consult an expert to discuss a plan that suits your personal needs), what days you will exercise and what you will do for each sessions to build your health body back to the shape it was designed to be.

3. Take small steps: Trying to take big steps and expect everything to be perfect every day can sometimes be overwhelming and demotivating and keep you from reaching your goals. Small steps done consistently make the big difference.

4. Stay hydrated: Your body is made up of around 70 per cent water. Drinking enough clean H2O helps you keep clean on the inside, conduct energy more efficiently, gives better mental clarity and helps you get the most from our workouts (your muscles are 80% water) and to recover faster.

5. Make it clean and lean: choose whole, fresh (organic wherever possible) balanced and healthy foods and avoid processed fatty, sugary foods. It’s all about eating the right foods , in the right amount at the right time of the day to lose fat and understanding how your body reacts to certain foods.

Whole food supplementation is the best way to bridge the nutrition quality gap. You can treat yourself sometimes, too. Eat the healthier types of foods in restaurants. Also eat in moderation - don't over fill yourself.

Balanced protein, increased nutrient density and helping your body clean out the fat and chemical build up is a must.

Add vegetables/salad if you can at every meal and yes at least 2 fruits (they are not the enemy, it's the processed carbs and too much grains that are) into your day, making sure you are keeping your immune system strong, getting plenty of fibre to keep you regular and giving your body all the nutrients it needs to be full of ene4gy and as HOT as it can be.

6. Get sufficient sleep: When you deprive yourself of sleep it can affect the way our body regenerates and repairs, and it will also reduce our energy levels, moodiness and stress.

7. Change your workouts regularly, from time, intensity and exercises: This will keep your body guessing and keep those muscles firming and fat burning.

8. Be careful with caffeine: drinking more than 1 or 2 caffeine beverages is you looking for energy in the wrong place. Check out the Free EBook about how to have heaps of energy without overdosing on Caffeine

9. Limit alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol has many negative effects as you know, including consuming calories with no nutritional value. It can slow down your metabolism and help to increase your fat. Hangovers can ruin your motivation and commitments to set routines, too. When you eat right and exercise you do not need the pain relief from alcohol.

10. Enjoy your new healthy lifestyle and training: Be proud that you are now being healthy and fit for your mind body and soul.

Listen to your body if you need a rest, then rest. You are the best person who understands your body and what it needs.

Yes, you do need to be determined to stick to your food and body plan and know that it takes 28 days or more of consistant action to get into a regular groove.

Training from three to five days a week is enough to keep a healthy lifestyle. Whether you exercise for 20 minutes or an hour. If you do train up to five days a week or more you must remember to keep it balanced with the type of training, volume and intensity to keep from over reaching and being at risk of injury.

Practising yoga inbetween training sessions has huge pay offs. The gains and feeling you can get from yoga can be unbelievable, and can also help you improve other aspects of training and stress management.

For a Personal Consultation

Keep your end goal in mind and be determined to make this year the best yet.

You can do it. Your HOTBody is waiting.

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