What the diet industry doesn't want you to know!

There are tons of diets that promise fast fat loss and everlasting health, but most do not deliver on their promises.

Worst of all, most diets are unsustainable and some may pose serious health risks.

Diets – and especially extreme diets – are easy to sell, but they don’t work. If you go on a diet, you must come off the diet.

For thousands of years, human beings have thrived in different geographic regions with access to all different types of foods:

  1. The Kitavans from Papua New Guinea have a high carbohydrate diet consisting mostly of root vegetables, coconut, and fruit, yet are very lean with low blood pressure.1

  2. The Inuits from Alaska have very high fat diets feasting mostly on marine life, yet are free from cancer and heart disease.2

  3. The Maasai tribe from Africa mostly consumes milk, blood, and meat – high in lactose, saturated fat, and cholesterol – yet they are lean and disease free.3 4

  4. The Cretans who follow a high fat Mediterranean diet emphasizing olive oil and nuts experience low risk of heart disease.5

  5. The Japanese who have the lowest obesity rate in the developed world (just 3.5% vs. 35% U.S.) eat high carbohydrate grains like rice and noodles in addition to fish and vegetables.6

The list goes on, and on. I hope it’s clear by now, but there is no absolutly perfect diet. But there are eating plans that if packed with nutrition at the right time of the day can help you melt fat away and give you a fighting chance to live to a ripe old healthy age.live

So What’s The Best Diet For You?

If your goal is to lose body fat and feel healthy the best diet for you is the one that:

  1. Cuts out all the DEAD high sugar and fat proccessed, packaged, artificially flavoured, coloured and preserved foods

  2. Keeps you feeling nourished/satisfied/full

  3. Keeps your calorie intake low but enough to maitain your age and activity level

  4. Works with your digestive health so you have 1 or more satisfying poos every day

  5. Provides your body with the nutrients it needs in the right amout at the right time of the day

  6. Assists your body to eliminate toxins

  7. You actually follow / enjoy /and do not have to try to resist cravings and the desire to binge

The best diet is a “LIVE whole food diet”. Whole foods are foods that are fresh, unprocessed and unrefined with 1000's of natural life giving nutrients.

A LIVE Whole Food Diet is more of a nutrition philosophy "a way of eating" than a diet. It keeps you feeling full longer by providing your body the nutrients you need while you eat fewer calories without even trying.

If you want to lose body fat, then eating whole live foods will make your goal much easier. If you simply want to maintain your current body fat level, eating whole foods will help your body run optimally.

It is all about eating the right live whole foods, in the right amount, at the right time of the day.

NOTE: In this day and age of soil and nutrient depletion, high stress, a polluted enviroment and a busy lifestyle it has become almost impossible to maintian good health without bridging the nutrition gap with high quality whole food protein powders, tonics and supplements.

Priority List:

Organic is preferable to reduce toxic chemicals

Water: clean and chemical free

Fruits and vegetables: fresh and as much raw as you can. 5-9 cups (The World health Organization recommendation)

Protein: lean and unprocessed

Carbohydrates: whole grain/meal

Fats and Oils: unprocessed

For an eating plan that can work for you in the short and long term:

Book your Personal Consulation. It takes the guess work and frustration out of achieving health and weight success.

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