Stop using children to sell junk food to fund raise

Stop It!!!! Schools, Principals, P&C, Teachers, mums and dads, nannies and poppies, everybody!

Sending innocent children on a mission (in the name of fund raising for the year camp or excursion) to sell cheap, low grade donuts, lollies and chocolates (full of trans fats, white sugar - more commonly known as white death and artificial toxic additives you can't even pronounce) is asking them to sell their little souls and spread more sickness, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and mental health triggers to their friends and neighbors.

In this day and age, where it is common knowledge that sugar, fat and additives are linked to all disease and that if disease is already present will expediate it, it is a gross injustice to the beautiful children and the community.

People will purchase what can only be described as toxic crap, in good faith, to help out the school and then, even though they are trying to watch their weight and deal with health issues, they will also eat it because they have spent money on it.

What are we doing? Why is this still happening?

I can hear the rational and justification coming out of the adult mouths...but it raises WHAT COST!!.

1 in 2 people are already dying of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues are rife and children for the first time in history may not out live their parents.

Who is rubbing their hands with glee. YES...the junk for manufactures and the drug companies that vulture in to sell their toxic medicines.

STOP IT!!!! There are other ways. BE responsible.

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