Even the best behaved will probably indulge in a nibble or two on the ears or tail of an Easter rabbit or favorite chocolate or munch on a hot cross bun.

It’s important that you nibble wisely and not over do it. Here’s why and I am not trying to be a bunny crusher.

FACTS: When you're tempted you choose to eat:

White Sugar, Processed Fat and Milk, White Flour, Artificial Flavourings, Preservatives, Emulsifiers and Colours. In other words virtually no nutritional value and if you are not hopping around the block quick enough you will be a FAT Bunny. Yeh! Not so funny bunny. Be warned!

These tasty so called Easter treats pave the way to more weight, heart, diabetes and bowel problems, and the sugar feeds cancer and reduces your immunity.

All Easter eggs are not created equal. Read the labels and think small.

The smaller ones are often marketed as children’s Easter eggs, One of the lightest ones is 105gm.

- This teeny weeny 105gms of chocolate heaven will chock up a hefty 555 calories plus 32 grams of fat, (over 50% of the energy is from fat which is over half your daily allowance and even worse, 17gms of the fat are saturated!) Nice FAT and cholesterol attack.

- For the same 555 calories you could eat 11 apples or 71/2 slices of bread (if you wanted to)!

- To burn off the 555 calories you will have to jog for 3 hours to stop the Easter butt or gut. You had better start jogging now in preparation.

RedHOT Easter Tips:

* You can eat Easter eggs, just not 10 on the same day – unless you want the Easter spread straight on your butt, thighs and gut!

* Choose smaller eggs and don’t eat them all at once just because they are small.

* Celebrate Easter foods on one day only – it’s the pre Easter sneaky treats and the post Easter eggs on sale that can do you in.

* Swap chocolate hot cross buns for regular hot cross buns – freeze and bring 1 down every other day.

* Once Easter is over, give away all your left over eggs and chocolate so you can fatten up your unsuspecting friends. Best to just throw it into the bin and make the bin fat and sick rather than inflict the fat, sugar, additives and calories on others.

* Tell your friends you don’t want a FAT attack for Easter.

* Balance your treats with healthy LIVE food.

* You can have your chocolate and eat it too – just a different kind and 1-2 squares in a sitting. Dark chocolate in preference to light.

* Only buy what you need: Don’t eat with your eyes and end up with too many in the pantry at home. Write a list of people you need to buy eggs for (then ask yourself what their weight and health is like at the moment…do you need to add to their demise) and stick to it. Don’t include your own name on this list!

* Keep in mind the idea that a large Easter egg could amount to a whole day’s intake of food. You wouldn’t sit down to a second breakfast, second lunch, second dinner and dessert, would you?

* Be more active to burn off the extra energy the eggs pump into your butt, thighs and gut.

* If it’s got to be an egg, these are the best of a fattening bunch.

• 2 x mini solid Easter eggs = 70 calories

• 1 x small hollow egg (20g) = 140 calories

• Cadbury’s Crème Egg = 163 calories

• 1 x mini Hot Cross Bun (40g) = 110 calories

• 1 x medium Hot Cross Bun (65g) = 210 calories

Ladies beware:

The larger, more luxurious eggs marketed as gifts for women are a great way to fatten her up.easter-egg gold

E.g. large Cadbury’s Roses egg is 349gms, and a tidy 846 calories and 106gms of fat – around twice the daily fat allowance for someone who is trying to eat healthily.

So be warned. 62gms is saturated fat, which won’t do your cholesterol level any favours.

For around the same amount of calories, you could eat:

- a bowl of whole grain cereal with low fat milk and a banana for breakfast

- a full Sunday lunch of roast lamb, potatoes, vegetables and gravy, and still have room for some fruit salad, Plus an egg salad sandwich and salad with low-fat mayo for tea.

When you weigh it up, the large Easter egg somehow seems a little eggstravagant!

Happy Easter.

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