Weight Avoid Cheat Dance

Last minute Christmas Survival TIPS

HOT Tip 1:

Weight gain for most people so the studies show happen in certain places: like bakeries, pizza parlors, the golden arches and ice cream shops. A change of shopping and eating habits can work wonders. Just don't go there!

HOT Tip 2:

Avoid huge ‘bargain’ packs of special nuts, biscuits, chocolates etc. Buy smaller sizes and cut the temptation. Best to run out of these than be eating the left overs till New Years day. These are the foods that tend to hang around the hips, tummies and thighs and make the New Year Resolution harder to achieve.

HOT Tip 3:

Cheat by eating off the hangover

Drinking on an empty stomach makes a hangover ten times worse. Try eating a poached egg on wholemeal toast before you head out. Eggs are a good source of cysteine, an amino acid that breaks down alcohol toxins, while the bread helps to

line your stomach.

HOT Tip 4:

Dance instead of eat. It’s gotta be the happiest way to burn off calories! You can burn off about 350 calories an hour. Bust out your best moves....but don't bust your boiler.

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