Are Weetbix GOOD?

I was asked if Weetbix are GOOD?

It’s not as simple as a yes or no answer.

It depends on a few important considerations.

GOOD food of any variety to me means something natural that is high in nutritional value and preferably chemical free that is beneficial to your health.

GOOD Weetbix check list:

  • What’s it made of?

  • Where does the wheat come from?

  • Has it been grown in chemically treated soils and sprayed with pesticides?

  • How far removed from the natural wheat is it? i.e how processed is it? How much nutrition has been lost?

  • Have artificial colours, flavours and preservatives been added?

  • How much sugar, salt and fat has been added?

  • Is it organic (chemical free)?

My answer after considering this check list:

YES, Weetbix can be GOOD if made from wheat that is all natural, grown in chemical free soils, not sprayed with pesticides, with no artificial additives, no added sugar, salt and fat and organically grown (chemical free), with minimal processing for maximum nutrition.

YES, GOOD Weetbix are available in super markets.

YES, when used as part of a balanced breakfast or meal with adequate protein and other essential nutrients they can be a GOOD food.

NO, I do not recommend you eat Weetbix that are not organic due to the chemicals used when growing the wheat and during processing and the reduced nutritional quality.

If you have a Gluten and Wheat Intolerant Please NOTE:

Regular Weetbix (organic or not) are not suitable if you are wheat and gluten intolerant.

Gluten free Weetbix are available. Make sure you use the checklist to assess the nutritional value they will add to your day. Gluten free does not guarantee nutritional quality.

If you need some guidance to achieve your health and weight goals please take advantage of our Personal Consultation Service and the Free Energy Assessment.

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